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Harold Stassen

Suppose you don't believe in god; why should you do any of these things then?
If you say that you should do them "just because they're the right thing to do" you're presupposing that I share your values without your theology-which may very well be incorrect.
And if your values do come from your religion, why are you imposing them on those who don't share your religion? When the Fundiegelicals do that with Creationism, even in places where they're a majority, people cry "Foul! You're imposing your beliefs on us, who don't believe them!" Or if Catholics want to limit abortion, even in places where they're a majority, you cry "Keep your rosaries away from my ovaries!".

Br. James Patrick

I think Bp. Doyle is saying that 'it matters how we live'. That it is not OK, for us to walk past the Lazarus in our lives. I think he is saying that Jesus is calling us to SEE the person at the gate. For much of my life, I didn't even see 'those' people.

That being said, what does it look like to hold his hand? That is the engaging part, we each have to work out.

But not seeing at all, walking past the person/people at the gate, that part is not OK.


I'm wondering what Bishop Doyle means when he says "... if we are not holding the hands of Lazarus, himself." Can someone help me understand this? Who would Lazarus be in our world today? And what would it look like to hold his hands?

Br. James Patrick

yes, it certianly appears to, but then I am no Hebrew Scholar.

However that may also mean 'orphan' in our context.

It was done by Professor of Protestant theology at the University of Münster, Dr. Reinhard Achenbach

Adam Gonnerman

It actually says "minors"?

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