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Father John

"small things that chip away.." I thought of St. Augustine's mother St. Monica who he says in Confessions had "a furtive fondness for wine" and was snared "by adding to that modest allowance daily modest allowances - for one who allows himself license in little things is ruined little by little (Sir 19:1) - she had fallen at length into the habit of avidly quaffing near goblets-full of wine."


I wonder what tempts us these days to renounce Him?

Small things that chip away at us.

I hadn’t heard this story nor do I remember the song.

My heart did go to the one who gave in. It must have been so difficult and heart breaking. I believe that God understands that moment when a mind goes.

Because I believe that we don’t surprise God I believe that not only did He know that one would give in but He also made room for another in His kingdom in the soldier that took his place.


D Tipling

I remember that song as well. :)

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