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It appears the owners of the image prefer to restrict the usage, so I removed it.

Thanks for pointing it out, my policy is to give credit where I can, and if I don't know, I will make it right as soon as I can.



if you are the original artist, I would be happy to give you citation or to remove it, however you would like.


Fascinating. I can tell you exactly when it was first put on the Web :)


Are you speaking of the ashen Cross? I got it from googling images. It is all over the web.


Gosh, your image looks really familiar to me. Really familiar. Where did you get it?


Thanks for your post and the words of Merton. The ashes that call us to remember our mortality also invite us to trust death. I think of the ashes as not only a reminder of our mortal nature but also a reminder of our creation from sacred dust. Peace and a holy Lent, Mike

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