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Yes, Luke, I was thinking of you, but now you have 'spoiled' the secret. :)

Isn't amazing how the Spirit uses times and places to talk to us about the things of God, and how politics and Church rarely changes?



anyone I know? ;)

What a "coincidence" - Fr. Jack Gleason spoke to us at Catholic Young Adults on Thursday night about his favorite Saints, and Antony of Egypt was one of them. But he didn't go into the depth you did, and I think your history about him is very compelling.

I think there are some strong parallels of the politicization of the faith in Constantine's time and in our own time? Antony's is an inspiring story of ways to cope with it.


Thank you Charlie,
I have a friend who grew up evangelical and has crossed the Tiber, if you want to see his journey as well, email me.

God bless


Fr. John,

Have enjoyed your blog for some time now. The post about Antony of Egypt was yet another inspiring one.

I am what I guess would be described as a "post-evangelical". I grew up Catholic, became an evangelical at age 21, and now at 49 I am trying to re-connect with my historical roots. Your emphasis on the Fathers, the liturgy, etc. is challenging and encouraging to me. God bless, and keep up the good work.

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