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Great! Let me know when you'll be in the area, and perhaps we will be able to meet for a cup of coffee or a meal.


I saw you then! I will be back down in December for graduation, perhaps we could connect then.


That's the place! I was there in the back to help the ushers. In fact, I was the fellow who brought new vessels to be consecrated during the offertory.

The pews were packed. A fine day.

Sorry I missed you. Perhaps we'll get another chance some day.


Yes we were in Norman! St. John's parish! So you attend there? If I had only known I would have connected!


Congratulations and blessings to your daughter-in-law upon her confirmation!

Was the confirmation yesterday? The bishop attended our parish yesterday morning to confirm about thirty people--a large number I haven't seen in some time. Was she in Norman, by any chance? Or am I confused and you have another bishop in your neck of the woods?

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