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A couple things. The brothers typically don't wear their habits all the time. They do wear them for Eucharist every day, on Sundays and Feast days and other occasions, and of course when representing the monastery in the community when they go to lead retreats and so on. At dinner on an ordinary day, it isn't surprising that they weren't wearing them.

Also, you can donate as follows to general relief for the fire victims:
"The bishop and staff of the Diocese of Los Angeles have pledged their support in assisting the coordination of fire recovery efforts. Checks, payable to the Treasurer of the Diocese and earmarked "Montecito Fire Recovery," may be sent to the Bishop's Office, 840 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026."

Lastly, there is a Facebook Cause entitled "Mount Calvary - Benedictine Retreat House and Monastery", from which you can donate directly to rebuilding.

Please note: the brothers are still assessing what will be done. The house in Santa Barbara was very dear to them, and to many, many guests, but their decision on future direction will be based on many factors and much prayer. Rebuild is not an "of course" thing at this point.

Thank you all for your prayers. These men are very dear to me, and to many, many others who have passed through their doors. It is good to see how dear they are becoming to the world.


I was not aware of their loss, but am saddened by it. It is good news, though, that none were seriously injured. I shall keep them in my good thoughts this week, along with those others who have been unhomed as well.


Thanks for sharing this. I had not heard but will pray for them. Please pray for the Abbey of Gethsemani as well. They've had many of the brothers ill and some have passed away in the last several weeks. I know they'd appreciate your prayers as I would.



Pat Bromley asked if it was a Holy Cross monastery. I said yes. We were both very sad. And we are both, at root, very hopeful. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Rick Boyne

This is simply a reminder that what we are called to is not our stuff.

I love that quote. What a beautiful truth!


I don't know, Thomas. Some Orders wear their Habit all the time, others part of the time for various reasons.

This fire occurred at dinner time, which they were hosting some local heads of local non profit groups. Perhaps they had been preparing the food prior to the fire - but I only speculate.


I've been reading your blog for months, but I've never had much to say before. I have a question today:

"Only one of the Brothers was able to save his Habit & Cross"

It sounds like he had to go and find the habit and cross in order to save them. Do they not wear the habits and crosses day to day?

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