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Fr. Joseph Augustine, AIHM

A powerful reflection. Thank you!

Tim Morris

Great post. Our culture of Christianity is why faith there is a god becomes difficult for me.

Erudite Redneck

Hey, Mr. Monk! Thanks for stoppin' by! Come back anytime.

Re, "with the idea of forwarding the Kingdom ..."

That the thing. What passes for Christianity these days in this country, at least that which gets most of the press, has no concept of "forwarding the Kingdom" -- the whole point is to use up this planet and "win souls" for the great migration heavenward TO the Kingdom.

But you knew that. I'm 44. As a pre-1979-fundy-takeover former Southern Baptist turned UCC'er, I know it.

Housing correction? Credit markets correction?

We need a Christianity correction -- because what we got goin' on here is an emotion bubble heaving in the Body of Christ, and it *has* to bust soon!

And I think I just accidently posted a blog in this here comment. I'm fixin' to correct that!


Questing Parson

Wow! What a powerful and needed post. Thanks


Wow! You have verbalized exactly what I have been thinking and feeling.

Be well.



Lee Atwater didn't exactly invent attack politics. You should read the political newspaper editorials and pamphlets from the public debate on the constitution and The Lincoln/Douglas race, for instance.

J. Michael Matkin

I'm with you, Terry. Well put.

You should have this video to go with your new poster art.


As always, I enjoyed this post. But I have to ask...Where on earth did you find that pic of Jesus. It's just how I've imagined Him! (just kidding).

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