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Rev Bosco Peters

I suspect that our later questions of: "did it actually happen like this?" were not in the minds of the editors of Genesis.
Genesis 2 tells a quite different story, with a differently named deity, different processes, different order to the Genesis 1 poem which calls its verses "days" prior to the creation of that which determines a "day"!
Trying to find science in Genesis is an anachronism - it is confusing the genre.
The editors of Genesis had no issue with stories "contradicting" each other because they were involved in something other than science & history.


Right! I agree. I don't see this as progressive revelation...God's universe was always revealing the reality of it's functioning and existence. I see God's action, as described by your friend, as a progressive understanding (by God's people, Hebrews, Gentiles, Americans, etc.). God doesn't try to communicate a misunderstanding, but he may allow it.

The fact that there is a documented change/development in understanding of other death, the grave, the afterlife, angels, demons...throughout scripture from Genesis to Revelations may not guarantee Tobias Haller's opinion, but it certainly warrants it.

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