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Thanks for giving another view, of how this method would work to serve people who might need it, to "recharge" as you say. Good point.


Then again, when I left the church, people would often ask me how I "recharged" my "spiritual batteries"...essentially saying that the church is a refuge and a rejouvinating experience...a place to go to "recharge" from all the hard work out in the world.

So there's that.

Personally, I found it much easier to believe in God after I stopped trying to believe all of the other weird stuff that I had to believe in order to belong to the church.


David Richardson

I think Dietrich Bonhoeffer would turn over in his grave if he read that advertisement. So much for "The Cost Of Discipleship."

Thanks for posting this, Monk!


I guess the question is whether a little bit of "church" is better than none at all. Nice if this place could be a stepping stone for entry level people into another, more authentic church.
I once attended a Sunday show, uhh, I mean service, at such a congregation in Little Rock. It was a mega-church. Rows and rows of young people were joyful and happy (happy-clappy), but I came away sad, shocked, and sorry.

Steve Hayes

I think I now understand the phrase I've seen elsewhere in the blogosphere, "seeker-sensitive church".


I served at a "seeker sensitive" Baptist church for several years that used similar ads. The idea was to remove any unnecessary barriers to church attendance so that the only potential stumbling block would be Christ himself. That makes sense to a point, but over time, I concluded that this approach encourages people to become "consumers" of religion rather than developing an authentic life of faith. Plus, this approach is usually accompanied by a huge investment in sound and video equipment so that an entertaining service can be offered. I would prefer to see that money go to needs in the surrounding community.

My 2 cents!


Can you imagine what Jesus would say to this?

"we strive to make your experience comfortable, easy, and fun"

I am pretty sure the guy who told us to take up our crosses daily would have some choice words for these folks.



Thanks Teresa,
I really don't want to criticize them, as I am sure they are wanting to reach people for Christ, I just have a hard time with that sort of venue I guess. :)


Ya know...the bit you quoted made me think of ads for spas.

The use of florid language to make being smeared with exotic mud and mooshed-up fruit-pits worth the $800.00 and one day of your life you will never get back...

And as far as I can are not criticising their motives or their message...since neither are inevidence.

What you've got here is not a is a sales pitch.

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