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Charlie Sutphin

I have created several thin spaces for myself over my life: always outdoors, always remote. My current "place of power" is a swamp in Mass. It's my cathedral; it's where I find God.


Perhaps my age and my being a grandfather have caused me to discover more "thin places" in the mundane than ever before in my life. I love that rare moment and yet life is filled with them. I'm usually just to busy or distracted to notice.

Thank you, Terry for reminding me that the "distance between" is so paper thin.

Tim Sean

I've made he pilgrimage to Iona twice. Once alone and once with my brother-in-law. Scotland has s uch a rich tapestry, its placement on the globe making it vulnerable to intricate changes in the lighting, the moisture in the air. You understand why the Celts felt it was a meeting place of the world of heaven and earth.

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