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Oh, Monk in Training, I can relate to this! There are times when I am just brought up short by my own need for conversion.

And other times when I am awestruck at the work that God has already done in my heart.

It is a process, my friend. A daily process.

I pray for the woman at the yard sale.

And for you. And for all of us who need conversion.


It did not seem so, perhaps it was. I can only address the attitude it exposed in my own heart. That I, with God's grace, intend to do.


Now, it occurs to me that there's a difference between someone shopping for something a family member needs, and someone looking for a deal. Everyone I know who goes to garage sales knows that prices are negotiable. And, anytime I'm shopping for something that my kids or wife or friend Terry needs (as opposed to wants) I include that information in the haggling/negotiation. Surely, if her husband had a medical need she was committed to addressing, she could have discussed that further. A comment offered over the shoulder on the way into the car sounds more like attitude than need.

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