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Bob Dudley

Congratulations. What an exciting time in your life. I will continue to keep up with your experiences via your blog.

Peace and Blessings,


Yes, Huw. It is the Br. of St. Gregory


Wonderful news! Many Years! This is the BSG, yes?


Good-on-ya, MIT!


I'm very happy for you Terry (and maybe a tad jealous!)



What happy news! God has asked you "What do you want?" and God has heard your answer. May the months ahead deepen your gratitude for your own heart.

Fr. Peter M Preble

How I remember the day I was accepted. God Bless You Brother!

Beau Surratt

Hi Terry!
So great to start to read your blog. I was thinking about starting a blog myself- perhaps reading yours has given me inspiration! It was wonderful to meet you this past weekend. I look forward to journeying together through the BSG formation process.

Bill Blackrick

Glad to hear that all went well for yourself over to the service of others is a huge step. I know the process for you is much more elaborate than when I went up before my ordination councel but it was very nerve-pulsing nonetheless

Lisa T.

Congrats on beginning this next stage of your journey!

--from another Episcopalian, who reads yr site regularly (but silently, heretofore!) :-)


How wonderful! I'm very happy for you.

And I guess you're really a Monk-in-Training now! Many blessings on your way....

Rick Boyne

God bless you as you enter this new chapter of your life!

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