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Bryan Riley

Having grown up in a church that eschewed traditional Christianity I often bemoan how little I know of our history. Thank you for this excellent post and for educating me a bit about St. Patrick, whom I know had an impact on my heritage, as I am a Riley, likely descended from Irish ancestors.


Ya know,

When I was in the church, the liturgical calander stayed put!

But then again, I was a Luthern, so NOTHING changed. Same old liturgical calander, same old hot dishes at the pot-lucks. Same old doughnuts at between-services-coffee time...

I think the change in hymnal color from red to green nearly caused a schism.

I have to admit, I feel better knowing it changed back recently, even though I'm not longer in the church.

Oh sure, every ten years or so we'd change back and forth between "forgive us our sins" and "forgive us our trespasses"...


You all are positivly radical! Moving feast days here and there and everywhere!


Actually yes, Fr. Peters, this year St. Patrick's was moved to the 15th, and our Priest pointed out that this was Holy Week which takes all precedence over Saints Days.

However, I didn't think any one of my readers would have noticed! ;)

Ha, Next time I should be more precise.

Bosco Peters

Nice icon!
Great thoughts.
But they moved his feast day :-)

Bill Blackrick

Thanks for the great insights into this man's life...I learned something new today about him. God Bless my friend

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