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I'd say in my case that I consider that I *need* to be humble, and that humility is part of the spiritual journey, but I wonder if I dare say that it actually is part of mine, since I think I have so very far to go... I trust God will work on me!


I believe that humility is terribly overlooked, misunderstood and sometimes downright discouraged. But as an above poster noted, I also think that pride is the original sin. It is the first sin I confess and I could confess it every hour.
If we emulate Christ, then we first emulate his humility--all else will follow.

Bosco Peters

I like the connection between humility and humus
being down to earth.

There is also the ladder of humility in St Benedict's rule which I often reflect on.


Fr. Joseph Augustine Menna, AIHM

Greetings my sister in the Lord. I came upon your blog via The Topmost Apple.

I am an independent Catholic Priest and Augustinian Friar (AIHM). I am always interested in sharing faith with others.

Congrats on your journey into religious life.

I invite you to check my blog at :

I posted some interesting thoughts on the discipline of Ash Wednesday from my bishop and me.


Fr. Joseph Augustine, AIHM


Absolutely. Was it not Christ who said (paraphrased) those who wish to rise in status, must submit themselves to the vocation of service? Was it not Christ who said that we were to be 'crucified' as he was?

In fact, I think you could consider the original sin, pride.


I've noticed that humble people are stronger than others. They don't try to prop themselves up on things that don't matter, and are content to stick to the essentials.

People with humility are better able to show love and compassion, because their minds are quiet without all of the noise of looking for the advantage, or positioning themselves for sucess and looking for opportunities to advance themselves. They don't miss opportunities to really connect with and help people.

I've noticed that fake humility is of less use than full-on arrogance both for the person employing it, and for those around them.

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