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My wife shared this prayer with me as I left for an extended assignment away from home. I am glad to find your page with these words - especially as I need to see them again.


David Richardson

This makes me think about Abraham. God called him to leave his home and start traveling...without revealing the details.

Thanks for posting this. I'll most likely quote it in a sermon at some point down the road.



I also hope that you get the best news possible.


Thank you for the prayer, and I'm glad that your father is doing better. I tend to frame my prayers in a very conversational tone, but sometimes, the ancient words have a timelessness about them.

Prayer to Bob for the best news


Thank you so much for this prayer. I go in for some pancreatic cancer related biopsys tomorrow morning. The Holy Spirit timed your blog entry just right for me.

Peace and blessings,

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