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Rev. Cline,
I sent you an email on the topic, but basically, we try to formulate what we do around the ancient Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and, engaging in charitable activities.

It isn't so much about a specific practice commanded by the Church, it must be a calling of your heart by the Spirit. The specific practice is not the goal, opening your heart to the Spirit, and growing closer to Jesus is.

Michael Cline


Thanks for stopping by Recliner Ramblings. I'm glad we found each other's pages as I am benefiting greatly from the perspective you can offer here at Monastic Mumblings (odd how alike our page titles are!).

I was wondering if you could come back to my page and post what you know about the Lenten practices of the greater church. What the "official books" teach us to do--when to fast from what, how long, etc...

Us low church folk could use the help.

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