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Great blog, I really liked the graphic you used on this posting, where is it from?


I always appreciated Lent coming so soon on the heels of The New Year, because it gave me an opportunity to "refresh" any broken resolutions! :-)

A second chance, so to speak.


During our Catechumen class on Wednesday, one of them expressed an interest in getting Baptized. He is pretty unsure if he wants to or not, so I have made him one of the seven I will pray for. If he chooses to, it will be done at Easter.

The Last Week by Borg and Crossan is a book I return to each year as part of my practice during the Lenten season.

Mark Olson

Some discussion of the origin of lent might be found here.

Kevin Bussey

Sounds like a good practice. Having not grown up in this type of observance, when and where did it start?

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