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William Francis

You are quite right, I started this post on the 12th day, but was meaning it for Epiphany. That is a carry over mistake, I will edit it.


William Francis

Christmas has but 12 days, they are as follows:

Dec 25 1st Day of Christmas
Dec 26 2nd Day of Christmas
Dec 27 3rd Day of Christmas
Dec 28 4th Day of Christmas
Dec 29 5th Day of Christmas
Dec 30 6th Day of Christmas
Dec 31 7th Day of Christmas
Jan 01 8th Day of Christmas
Jan 02 9th Day of Christmas
Jan 03 10th Day of Christmas
Jan 04 11th Day of Christmas
Jan 05 12th Day of Christmas
Jan 06 Epiphany the Feast that starts a New Season.

Jan 05 is the 12th day of Christmas not Epiphany.

Epiphany is about Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh not Lords a leaping or Ladies dancing or drummers drumming or pipers piping or maids a milking or swans a swiming or geese a laying or golden rings or alling birds or french hens or turle doves or partridges in pear trees.

You have it right in the text but wrong in the headline!

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