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Turns out, they DO talk about it. Here is a link.


So the impression that I am getting is that the reality of life in the Middle east is making it difficult for Christians, and that the Jewish State, as the people in nominal control of the area, make no distiction between Christians and Muslims who are ethnic Palistinians, so they are defacto (if not ideological) persecuters of Christian?

Just clarifying the point.

If this is the case, it would be interesting to see if Voice of the Martyrs says anything at all about it.

If they don't then that might support the assertion you find in some places that it is an ideo-political propaganda tool rather than an actual Christian-interest organization.

Interesting. I think I'll take a look at that.



I think your right.

I believe that one issue is the typical American Evangelical Christian doesn't appear to realize, is that Middle Eastern Christians are brown. They are biologically indistinguishable from the surrounding Muslims.

So, when Israel bombs a Palestinian or Lebanese community, or builds a wall, or enforces draconian security measures, they do so against Christian communities, as well as Muslim. Life has almost become untenable in many communites in the West Bank for Christians.

Anglican, Catholic, and Orthodox communities regularly complain about how Israelis treat their flocks.



MSisson looks like a drive-by, but I am actually interested in the information.

No alterior motive, I just like information. ;-)


I want u to know that I am working on your 'request'. I am at work and won't be able to do so for a while.

Why don't you tell me a little about you and why you would post a demand like this and chose to remain hidden behind your IP address, without a link to your blog?


Please detail the modern day persecution of Christians by Jews of which you wrote above or withdraw the statement. The previous blog entry to which you linked made no mention of Jews.


Thank you David, u are very kind

David Richardson

I really do enjoy your blog. It's informative and inspiring. Just wanted to let you know, that what you write DOES make a difference in people.

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