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A year or so ago I had a job in a particular town, and a few blocks away there was a church. There was a particular reason, irrelevant to this comment, that I wanted to go and look at this church, and so I went in my lunchbreak. Since it was a weekday and lunchtime, I was surprised to find a few people coming out of a service. But I was brought up an Anglican, and I was curious, so I came back, heart beating wildly in trepidation, a few days later at the time of the daily mass. I had no idea what to expect, but it was a beautiful and quiet time set aside in the middle of the day; I came back again and again and in the end was coming back most days of the week. Had I not happened past and read the sign, I wouldn't have thought to turn up to a daily BCP service, and probably not even then. And now I have another job in another town and work in the middle of an office park, and I miss it very much.

(The bishop was rather curious that this church celebrated mass two or three times a day and said, "But there can only maybe be two or three people at each of these services!" The rector said, "Well, the Bible has something to say about two or three people..." Many days there were so few people that "Pray, brothers and sisters, that..." had to become "Pray, brothers, that...", and some days it was just me and the priest. I suspect that some days when I didn't come he said the mass alone.)

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