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In the civil war, "Copperhead" was a name used by northerners with southern sympathies. Pro-Slaery, Pro- Articles of Confedration, Anti-constitution, and anti-government.

Is that the sense that you use the "codename?" Just wondering.

F.D. Patterson

But then again, has this not always been the highest and best use of the church by governments since the church commingled and corrupted itself with the Roman empire?

Agent of Lucifer

This Christo-Fascism is deplorable; that it's tentacle like grasp on the envangelical movement has built into relgious fervor and adoration by it's adherents who don't respect thier fellow members of society. As the anathema of christianity; I am appalled by this rampant Rise of Domionism and the exploitation of Christian tenents. This is a horrible spector of this beast of christ-fascism ruining the Land of Liberty ; and Oppression and Intolerance have become the Rule of Law. The Dogma of the Neo-Cons' in thier conquest for unilateral acceptence of their ideology of maddening jingoism, and this godfearing has tainted the nation where Religion, or Faith is a personal path not a platform for politcal dominance. The path of religion and politcs should b seperate to ensure liberty and Freedom, and Independence. This Nation was built on the idea of all men are created equal, and religion is seperate from government. If a Theocracy occours; than revolution will be necessary to mitigate the crimes of our Fathers.


Well said!

I've long felt that what started as a religious phenomenon in the early US has been transformed into a cultural one. Religion is just one element of a larger and more powerful socially binding force, and it is being shaped by it. While it used to be the core of the culture, religion has become more like a flag you wear to make it clear who you mean when you say Us. It hardly seems meaningful anymore to discuss the Moral Majority and Christianity in the same paragraph. The true leader of the hell-in-a-handbasket set is not Jesus, but rather talk radio.


Excellent post. I think part of the problem is that the evangelical churches that dominate American politics have major problems with their eschatology. In their eschatological system it doesn't matter how much we damage the world with war because Jesus will just come back and the whole space-time cosmos will be erased anyway.

I definitely think that as Christians we should fight evil and injustice, but we should also take care to not let good intentions be shaped into a dream of empire.


Afternoon Copperhead.

Early Christianity was full of martyrs for the Faith and as far as I know, and never challenged the political might of the Roman Empire. Can you give me an example? They preached another Kingdom, not of this world and that directly opposed the "divine" Caesars, but I see no account of them resisting the authorities when they executed them.

In John 18:36 Jesus Himself tells us that His kingdom is not of this world. How can we mix His kingdom with a transitory kingdom of this world? What about the later Christian Roman Empire, the various Kingdoms of medieval Europe, even the great British Empire? All "Christian" kingdoms, yet Christians are called to have first allegiance to Him, not some President, King, Empire or Republic.

Sadly Christian missionaries have been martyred since the founding of the Church. Is that something I would want for anyone, of course not! However, their witness still rings down the ages, why today is the feast day of some Episcopal Nuns in Memphis(Constance and her companions, the Martyrs of Memphis -9 SEP 1878), who died ministering to a city struck with sickness. Their willingness to serve others in Christ's name is a glorious witness to Christ. Are you saying their sacrifice was in vain?

My point here isn't total passivity for Christians, but that we are getting too wrapped up in patriotism, and are forgetting our first love.

The post that inspired mine was from a Southern Baptist Preacher here in the Tulsa area, and his link was two an Assembly of God Pastor, hardly bastions of Liberalism!

Codename: Copperhead

Ever since Christianity started it has been corrupted to some degree. Were the early Christians only loving and gentle? They dared to be politically controversial. Just recently Christian missionaries were released by the Taliban as a reward for missionaries to never return again. Look it up. A soft and gentle Christianity can't always be that way. I think its interesting that Jesus said this as well.
Lu 22:36 Then He said to them, "But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.


"I pray we all see the One we are to serve and not get lost in this whirl of National Pride, Patriotism and following the One Who had no place to lay His head."
Thank you for your entire post and that little part of it that succinctly points to what we need.

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