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I haven't heard this particular argument before but it is well thought out and fresh. Excellent post.


Well reasoned.



I think it is interesting that in your tradition the decision to determine whether women ought to be allowed to be priests or bishops is argued from the standpoint of the Incarnation, and not from Paul's writings.

I learned something today


Br. Hall, I've not heard it said that eloquently before. Thanks for explaining that so clearly.


wonderfully said.


Fr. Tobias Stanislas Haller is one great thinker, and one of my major sources on this concept. Many Orthodox are beginning to ponder this concept as well. It is a point that is hard to get around. As a person who once opposed women Priests, I find this idea very illuminating.


Thank you. You spoke/wrote very well, and I appreciate your words.


Fr. Haller wrote about this recently as well.

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