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In light of the fact that I just discovered you . . . . my comments my not be completely in touch with where you are. However, having spent many years in the academic community (as well as a traditional, conservative church community) studying history of theology and early church history, I am convinced that so much of Protestant Christianity is sadly about "doing" but seldom having the depth of a sincere focus on "being." Although we pride ourselves (in my tradition) of believing in salvation by grace through faith . . . . we are always so busy working, working, working that we miss out on the aspect of being who God wants us to be. I am now re-evaluating all of this, and find your ideas about a "rule of life" as I discovered in the ancient monastic tradition to be very appealing. Perhaps this will bring me out of the abyss of confusion where I find myself wandering these days. Thanks for clarifying and identifying a way of being that rises above the busyness that permeates everyday life. Nina

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