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Hello Mark,
Thanks for your comment, and welcome to my blog.

I agree that Christ was and remains a Man. However, I would like to consider that issue a bit farther.

All modern Churches accept the Definition of Chalcedon as the base for understanding Who Jesus was and is. Those that do not are considered cults, the Mormons for example. That being said, I can only assume that you do as well.

So, it is understood by the teaching of Chalcedon that what is not assumed (by Christ in the Incarnation) is not redeemed. What Christ assumed was the whole of human nature, for if He only assumed maleness, how could women be saved?

I strongly believe, and the Church has taught for centuries that Christ assumed the totality of human nature when He was made Incarnate. The Definition of Chalcedon goes on to tell us that the nature He received, was solely from His mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. And she was, obviously, a woman.

So, having the affirmation of the Chalcedonian Council that whatever it is in human nature that needed to be assumed by Christ (since that whole point of the Incarnation) came through a woman (the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God) we have to realize that she could not pass on to Jesus what she did not possess. So, then His maleness is not of salvic importance, but the totality of what makes us human is.

So, I have come to believe that it isn't Christ’s maleness that is of significance, in the Eucharist or in anything else, but His total humanity, which obviously includes His maleness, but does not appear to be limited to or by it.

Therefore, I see no reason, that women can be barred from the Holy Orders of Priest or Bishops.

I hope to hear your thoughts on the matter. :)

Mark Olson

On your remark:

All that and amazingly enough, people don't want women to be Priests or Bishops, ...

I'd say women aren't priests or Bishop's not because they are weaker, but the reverse. Men are called to lead the church because of they are the weaker regarding faith and spirituality (and things akin to that).

Another reason is that as the Bishop and Priest serve as an icon of Christ ... and Christ was a man.

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