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A luminous truth I want to remember.
Thank you.


every since we discussed this the other day. it has been on my mind. I desire to hear the Lord. I pray that i will listen and hear and heed. for i am very quilty of telling Him of all my wants.

The Imugi

What a beautiful reminder. In this Age of Noise, we all need to remember to make time for silence---so we can listen to the Voice of the Divine. Thanks for this post :)

Abdur Rahman

Peace Anglican,

Nice blog. Insha Allah (God willing), I'll be stopping by again.

Peace be with you and yours,
Abdur Rahman


Nice post! I've always been drawn to the definition of prayer offered in the catechism:

Q. What is prayer?
A. Prayer is responding to God, by thought and by deeds,
with or without words.

*Responding to God*



Thanks for the reminder and perspective!

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