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joe perez

I like this image. It helps me connect to an image of Christ as vibrant, enthusiastic, affirming, rebellious. What greater rebellion could there be than to claim unity with God in a tradition and milieu where such a claim could very well be a death sentence. And where does he get those rad threads?


I think these images make us think about Who we think Jesus is, and how we would think He would be in our culture. Or perhaps at different ages in His life.


This reminds me of a book of modern photographs called INRI. (by Bramly and Rheims)

I mostly don't care for the images, but one of a young, goth teenager as John the Baptist is quite beautiful.


i hadn't seen this thing for some time terry.. first glance again.. does teenage Jesus look a lot like brad pitt? hmmm...


Here's a great example of how personal interpretations can vary widely. Maybe this exposes the vast mindset variations between East and West ...

At first glance we saw the joyous and resurrected Christ, illumined as light, clothed in white, arms outstretched embracing the whole world, ready to ascend and be seated in glory over his creation.

And we thought the young lady to be one of the Holy Myrrhbearers to whom an angel said: "He is not here. He is risen." We saw her as filled with confusion that none would believe her about his rising, but now she stands with him as the crowds come to proclaim his divinity.

Great visual for theological talk. Thank you.

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