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The historical evidence is clear that the Church played a large factor in preserving knowledge. Without the monasteries a lot of learning would have irrevocably lost.

It is undeniable that there are many things the Church could have handled better, but that does not invalidate the Church's role in the preservation of culture over the course of European history. The Church is composed of fallible human beings, and as such it is going to make mistakes.


I think you understate the position of the Church during the "Dark Ages". The fact that it helped to create many of its own problems during this period.

Corruption in the upper echilons of the church gave the heretic Luther his grounds for calling the church into question. Protestants all derive from this one event.

However, I do agree that the local parish leaders of the time where, for the most part, acting in the best intrest of the general population.

The Imugi

I have to say, I've always found it ironic that people tend to portray the Church as "stifling thought" during the Dark and Middle Ages---there is a tendancy to forget that if it weren't for the efforts of the Church, little if any learning would have survived!

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