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I'm a secular transhumanist! Except that the anthropocentric connotation of "transhumanist" always bothers me, but when you get down to it, it is actually about minds, not humans.


The comic is just a little too close to me. If the artist could have just gotten the hair right...

Derek the ├ćnglican

I'm an Anglo-Catholic Benedictine Christian within the Episcopal Church.


I spoke with a friend about this just Monday...I think I decided I was a cleric with a Catholic Heart and a Protestant Mind.

Kevin Bussey


I don't know how to label myself. Others can do that for me--well they actually do.

the barefoot poet

First of all, that comic was hilarious.

I think I would call myself an introverted stage performer hoping to love and be loved.

I also know that most of the time when I label myself it is far to often not near honest enough about my own brokenness.


I really would like to know what people call themselves that visit here.

So I will get it started.

I am an Anglo-Catholic Friar aspirant on a journey to illumination.

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