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Hey this is really cool! I had never seen or thought of that before!


I've come back to read this twice. For a Quaker it resonates true in me. Thank you for the imagery of empty space. Not too many perceive God in this manner. It is a puzzling concept: the All and the empty - for God cannot be contained. For me, and I imagine for you as well, the emptiness of the holy defines the presence of "everything". A paradox and a mystery.

Barefoot Poet

Thanks for that! What powerful imagery! It seems that even though the resurrection is given much pomp and circumstance, the power and the realities and the truth of it are far removed from most of Christendom. I pray that will become less and less true of my heart, and images and thoughts like this impact that!


Well Hello Jathan, great to "see" you again!
Yes, my involvement at as fallen a great deal over the last year or so.


What fun! Guess where I just came from?! I was surfing the user list, and found a familiar username. :-) Mine is Eye_Of_Needle, but I don't know if I'll be doing much there anymore. I'll email you soon, methinks. Small web. Take care and God bless you!

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