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I am sorry, Rev. Smith, but I don't remember where It came from. Sorry.

Chris Smith

I have been trying to identify the black & white image of the entry in to Jerusalem above (title, artist, date) and can't track it down on the web. Any chance you might be able to identify this piece of artwork and the artist?

I'm referring to your post on April 2, 2007:

Rev. Chris Smith
Saint Louis, MO


Thanks Terry. I'm still getting accustomed to the whole lectionary thing - though I used it through Advent and then again for this past Sunday and the one coming up.


That must be hard to: Crucify him. It sends chills up my spine just thinking about it. Have a blessed holy week.

More fire!


Hi Paul,
It varies on a yearly cycle. This year is year C of the Revised Common Lectionary - therefore we used Luke 23 :)


Which Gospel do you use in your reading? Or do you vary that from year-to-year?

Kevin Bussey


You are right. I can be guilty of turning on people too. Thanks for the reminder.

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