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Good words.


Ooooh! I love St. Joseph! He's the quintessential father, and yet, he was not the biological father of his most famous son. I think a lot about what Jesus said to Mary and Joseph after they found him in the temple in Jerusalem, "Of course, you nitwits, I was in my FATHER'S house!" And how that must have made Mary cringe, and how it must have made Joseph weep on the inside. It's hard enough to watch your child grow up, but when in the process, the child zings you with something like that, well, I'd have a hard time holding back the anger.

When my husband's father died, he had a hard time with it. One day during the summer, my kids and I went out and found him a small, beautiful pewter statue of Joseph holding a child Jesus. It now sits on his dresser, where Papa Joseph can watch over him while he sleeps.

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