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Thom Stark

I will agree wholeheartedly with those who for well-reasoned reasons say that Dobson's Christianity does not represent the Gospel of Peace through Jesus Christ. I will draw the line at the unreasonable attempts to pain Dobson and his ilk as "evil incarnate." I believe they are preaching a false gospel, and that is dangerous business for them. There is certainly evil in a lot of what they represent. But calling them "evil incarnate" is irresponsible and unchristian. The early Christians were taught to respect even pagan, idolatrous, violently oppressive emperors, not because these emperors were considered to be good, but because Christians are to be good in how they speak about and treat their enemies. If we can treat those who would seek to destroy us with respect, as in, for example, the case of Polycarp, we can certainly be temperate, respectful, and reasonable in our critiques of the like of Dobson.


I like to think that I'm open-minded enough to listen to everyone's opinions with respect, but I have to admit that every time I see James Dobson on TV, I turn the set off with great relish! What a buffoon!


Thank God, that Dr. James Dobson, Isn't God!!

He has his hands in too many cookie jars as the voice of the "polis" I would hope that those who seek office will not be swayed by his rhetoric and judgement.

We should not judge, but I am well sure that God has a few words for Mr. Dobson, himself.

He thinks he can damn and save with a wave of his knife sharp tongue. sad really. That Americans will listen to him because he panders to the fears of those Christians who sit at his feet and salivate when he preachers "The Good News."

What would happen if Americans elected a Non-Evangelical to office. Oh the earth would shift on its axis for sure.

Dobson is not a Christian he is evil incarnate. Perish the infidel in Dobson's judgment.



This, combined with other recent actions by Dr. Dobson (criticizing the National Association of Evangelicals for calling global warming a moral issue, fawning all over Newt Gingrich on Dobson's radio show) have the smell of desperation, I think. More and more conservative Christians are seeing the vast gulf between Religious Right leaders and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dobson is beginning to see the crumbling of the Republican Empire, and he's not sure how to restore it.


I like the new term you came up with...Christianist. It fits well and I really think it is true. There are followers of Christ and there are Christianist. Sadly, the Christianist group really has the best of intentions but they have just missed the boat at times.

Jared Cramer

Here is a bit of info for you, last I heard Thompson is actually was baptized by the Churches of Christ (a capella--the group I left when I became Episcopalian). If you know anything about that group you know how silly it is for one evangelical to declare that they are "not Christian." His litmust test is clearly not evangelical Christianity, rather it is conservative political stances.

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