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Classic. One of the first things we learned when we moved to Sapulpa was the Indian legend about tornadoes in this area.

About 12 years ago when my wife and I were dating a storm blew through Yukon with 60-80 mph straight winds. Her roommate was in the bathtub with a mattress on top of her and my wife was in the front yard saying, "Cool!"


Ah, yes! The old Indian legend has it that a tornado won't strike a town that lies between two streams. But then there are water-spouts . . .

Oh, and one more thing! When a tornado touches down nearby everybody in town drives out to see the damage. The sherif has to set up road blocks and direct traffic in the affected area. A regular traffic jam insues despite requests by media broadcasters to stay out of the affected area.


As someone born and raised in Moore (thankfully the folks live in the bit of town that *never* gets hit by tornadoes), I can only grin and nod. :-)

I still remember when I was studying abroad in the UK--I was just leaving the pub with a friend when there was this faint rumble of thunder about 10 miles off. I thought she was gonna pass out in terror!

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