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It is good to read your words again. I have been out of the blog world for a while and have missed reading your thoughts.

As I sat in the Ash Wednesday service yesterday, I thought about how neglected this season is for so many in the Christian family, and how it might be season in most need of attention.

Lord, help us to come to you in repentance and humility. And may we, through suffering with you, be covered and filled with your grace, so as to share that grace to the world. Amen.


I never thought of it- you're right it has not been taken over by the commercialism of today-Although, I don't think enough churches advertise it either- it should be something all Christians participate in not divided by demonitational lines. Enjoyed the post.


The grocery stores around here manage to tie in their advertising with Lent, LOL!

"Lenten Specials" include anything other than meat.

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