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I am going to read the new testament, give up swearing and eat fish on Fridays.

And mostly I am going to rest in the presence of my savior.


I will be fasting; I'll be doing the Orthodox fast, which is pretty much the same thing as a Vegan diet, but less overall intake. I'll be donating the money I don't use for food to one of the ministries at my parish.

I will also be leading some of the Offices at my parish - not sure how often yet - and will say both MP and EP daily, on my own if not at the parish. I'll be online a lot less, and particularly I plan to stay away from the blogs for the most part; I need less distraction and debate and more of a prayer life. I will read one of the books I've taken out from the library, but haven't decided which one, yet. And I will volunteer my time in some way, but am not sure what, yet. I really like your idea of praying for particular people; what a good thought.

A Holy Lent to you and to all.


Last year a group of us set up a self-denial challenge to fast, eat more simply, and donate what we saved to Katrina victims. I'd like to do something like that again. Like you I hope to do the Stations of the Cross every Friday, although my life isn't so steady that I can promise that I will. And, I hope to join a Lenten study in my church.

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