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Very well.
I am glad that you believe... how should I say this... the... principles of the Bible. (that still isn't the best word...)
It is always encouraging to meet fellow believers.

I am sorry for going slightly off topic on your post.
Also, thank you for your input and interest. I am always looking for corrections/verifications/different points of view/etc.


I will go check out your link, but my post here isn't about if the text we have is reliable, it is about our understanding OF that text.

I am very confident that modern Bibles contain all we need for salvation and information on how to live our lives. Variations are fairly minor in the Christian texts, and somewhat more so in the Hebrew, but make no major changes in the Christology or how we understand Salvation.


Hm... nice post... you made some good points...

Want to learn more?
Is the Bible Reliable?

luke hartman

This is an excellent post. It highlights the struggle between studying and knowing first century culture and surroundings and then making the necessary transition and translation to modern times and working through the differences. It's a difficult, life-long task, but necessary if flawed understanding is to be overcome.


Thanks so much for sharing. I am blessed by the things you share! AMEN


If people want to insist that it is infallable, then they must keep what it says comes first, first.


Thanks for that comment, Brian Riley.

Yes, I have found that since I first defended certain racial groups when I was in high school, merely saying the 'others' have a point gets a lot of vitriol hurled at you. Didn't the same sort of thing happen to Jesus? :)

Bryan Riley

Well said. And I agree. It's too bad you have to qualify it by saying you aren't advocating anything, but as we have seen all too often lately, when you use an example to illustrate, you may suddenly be accused of a myriad of unchristian things.


I believe that if you read the "clobber verses" in context, you will find that the core sin is idolatry, not the methods used to perform it.

For that matter, throughout the whole Bible the core sin is idolatry. If we would keep our focus solely on God, and not let ourselves be distracted (myself included) by so many things, a lot of these disputes would fade away.



as i read this i smiled, partly because the infallible (or verbatim law that is generally associated with that word) of the bible puts people in tough spots saying they have figured out the bible and figured out God through that. both instances stifle the spiritual life and relationship.. it's much to say my marriage gets old quickly if i actually claim that i've figured out my wife.


I agree, and as I have come to know you, I know you are one of the most impressive Christ followers among the Southern Baptists that I know.

The question is, what is sin? Compound interest is called an abomination before the Lord, yet I don't hear many sermons against it.


Kevin Bussey


I don't want to club anyone. But sin is sin no matter what it is. I think we can't ignore it.

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