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Love this post. Truly love it. Had a great time with you the other night. Would love to do it again very soon. Hope you stay warm and safe this weekend.



This is such an important thought. I think that control is related to fear - when we lose control, we get scared, and we cease to live by the law of love. If "perfect love casts out fear," is needing to control our lives related to our lack of ability to love our neighbors?

Another question I'd love to see you ponder: what's the difference between control of our circumstances and self-control? Why is one the fruit of the sprit and the other something that keeps us from God?


Control is something we all struggle with. Control of ourselves usually gets ignored as we try to control others. Yes its sinful...and its a part of us that we need need Gods Grace to help us handle.

Kevin Bussey

I like to be in contol. I think that is called sin. It is hard to let go but that is where God wants us to be.


Lack of control is something we continuely deny we have. I have to remember at times when a parent or church member comes to me and is mad about something silly, they aren't mad at me but rather they are trying to control something they can, and that's church.

I think when it comes to our lives there are things we can control (some you mentioned above) and some we can't control (kids growing up, death, life, money, disease, etc); but our natural desire is to side on the things we can control because to not have control is too painful. Even saying God is in control, is a way of saying we have control over our lives.

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