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When I lived by myself I found it easy to shut out the world and focus on Christ at Christmas. But now that I have a family I find it much harder, especially with two sets of grandparents ready and eager to spoil my child. It's become a struggle to keep Christ at the center of Christmas.


This is my third Advent as a Christian and this year I am finding myself drawn to the penitential aspects of the season. I started with a confession. I have been reading the Imitation of Christ. I have been trying to take time for self examination. But really, in the past I have found that Christmas doesn't seem as powerful an experience as Holy Week. I think it might very well be that the whole secularization of the holiday makes the religious aspects difficult to stay connected to.


I would like for Advent to be more about the anticipation of Christ, but years of training are hard to overcome. You are taught early on to start expecting those gifts. Your anticipation is all about what you will get, and to some extent how your gifts will be recieved.

I really liked your earlier post on St. Nick. I didn't know that Christmas was actually Dec. 25 to Jan. 6. Until I linked to the St. Nick site.

If we could start following the tradition of giving gifts on St. Nick day, and refocusing Advent on Christ it would probably help alot. We are probably to consumer driven to really do this though.


I would like to celebrate Christmas with a candle in the window and a fresh wreath on the door, but can't sell it at home. The family wants the whole nine yards. Sigh.


shane trammel

I do consider the day we celebrate as Christ birth to be Holy. However, I would challenge people to make Jesus more real to them every day. It is more important that we take up our cross daily and follow Him. The church has made tradition so important that she has lost sight of the real work, the work of Christ through each of us.

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