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the lost Ben

One more thing...
There was a Haggard like scandal that was recently uncovered in Tulsa. I knew one of the people who was deeply hurt by that. If someone wants to take this situation and make light of it, or use it as ammo against evangelicals, then they are cruel and callous people for not realizing how many people are devastated by this kind of thing. I speak as one who used to be that way, until I saw the hurt on my friend's face. That changed my mind about it. Everyone should be mourning and praying for those who have been rocked by this.

the lost Ben

There alot thoughts that I have about this because I am evangelical. I won't share them all, but I will say this. This guy is irrelevant to my life. He was never any influence on me whatsoever. To me he's just another pastor out of thousands that has fallen. So what if he was the "head of the evangelicals". In my opinion that's the first mistake. We shouldn't have a "head of the evangelicals". The last time I checked I was following Jesus and not Ted Haggard.
My second point is this. Jesus engaged the culture. I believe in engaging the political scene even if I unknowingly make a bad decision. At least I am being a good steward of the influence I've been given. So, I don't care if the Dems win. I don't care if the republicans win either. All I care about is doing something instead of just sitting around and watching it all play out on its own.

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