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One of my favorite verses, and one I cling to in my own life: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." Matthew 5:7 Every time I am in a situation where it would be easy to judge or be angry, I remind myself that very soon I will make a mistake and need someone to show mercy to me. Isn't it too bad that we (the church) are soooo phobic about all things homosexual that a man in leadership cannot reach out to a trusted friend or pastor BEFORE he falls and destroys his life and the life of his wife and children? Somehow, we have grown in the era of Ed Cole seminars and Promise Keepers to accept that some men need help in the area of pornography and lust. But I do believe that it would still be true, that if a man owned up to homosexual temptations to even a trusted friend, that friend would recoil in horror. And we all know this is true, which is why these men do not ask for help until they are already trainwrecked. sigh. Grace, Lord, give us more grace.


I never met the man and yet I am supposed to have certain feelings about what he did (call it media gossip-mongering) on a very real level this man is forgiveable (at least in my books)...although the stories about him are very tragic.

He has become a hypocrite (I agree) but that still doesn't mean he isn't human (flawed)? But I see where the people that rail against him are coming from, he spoke harshly against certain 'sins' and yet they are the very things he did (hypocrisy). I think on some level this is working through it process for both the judged and the judgee.

Kevin Bussey


I remember when they removed Patty.


I pray the church really reaches out to Ted and this will be an example of how we do it right rather than throw stones.

Rev Sam

Amen! I've been writing about this myself recently (go here - and I quote the Bessarion story too!)

the lost ben

I am evangelical, but evangelical is often painted as someone who walks around condemning everyone to Hell. I believe that alot of people are. Some of you might argue with that, but I hope you're right. I believe in preaching hope over hell.
When someone looks at Haggard they don't see how many he ministered to, helped, and led to Jesus. Instead all they see is his self destructive flaws.
Quite often that is how alot of Christians who screw up are portrayed.
Something special that I have noticed (I think) is that evangelicals don't agree with the Papacy or the Priesthood, but oddly enough we have a tendency to deify people on our own.
I am learning more and more that mega churches aren't a good idea, and that any church that is built on the personality of its leader could be found guilty of idolatry.
When Ted fell so did his church. The hope is that it will now look to Jesus in a more consecrated sacrificial way.


AS a Christian (Gay) Christian no wait, an HIV+, GAY, MARRIED Christian, I wrote about this the other night. I am also in recovery and I asked my readers to consider what kind of response we have to this situation...WWJD???

I think he would sit down on the side of the road, make some writing in the sand, look up and say, ok, did you tell the truth, were you completely honest? Are you ready to move towards life and forgiveness? None of us are perfect, yet God is perfect.

If I had one hour to spend with Ted Haggert I would ask the hard questions like, "What drove you to this point and how could I help you?"

I mean he's got alot on his plate, middle age,no - late aged men having sexual issues - after wife, children and church, not to mention the hatred he spews in Jesus Camp...

Is that very Christian knowing where he has been recently? NO, not even close. But if he walked into to a meeting here I would have to welcome him because he is now one of us, and I am, by default, supposed to extend a hand...

Unless he is ready to face the truth and consequences he will never heal. And for all the internalized Homophobia he railed against as a preacher he must make amends. and tell us why he said one thing and did another...

Hypocritic actions are neglegible, the fact he LIED is my main concern. Love the sinner but hate the sin, well, did he love the sinner when he became one and did he hate the sin when he committed it himself?

Such questions for a Gay, HIV+, Married Christian to ask...


tiber jumper

Nice Post.
I just keep thanking God that the TV cameras can't get inside my head for a little "investigative reporting." I could be capable of worse things and only by God's grace go I.
As a new convert to Catholicism I have taken my newfound understanding of the communion of saints to suffer along with Pastor Ted all weekend. When one member suffers, we all suffer. Let's suffer for him a bit and take on some of the burden.
God bless


Excellent story Terry. Thanks for sharing.
I wonder, did ORU eliminate Eastman Curtis from their site as well?
Do you remember when they did away with all images of Patti Roberts, Richard's first wife? I do.

Rachel's Big Dunk


I had a very similar response to Ted Haggard's situation. And I, too, pray for him and all who are personally involved.

I love the Desert Father story. The very first book my spiritual director ever lent me was Sayings of the Desert Fathers and I was very moved by it.


i love this story and to read it again at this time takes on new meaning. thanks for sharing terry. may we all be willing to walk with our brothers and sisters in their troubled times. this would be the news story

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