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Too funny!


That’s hysterical, and also very true. :)


ursa smaller

i prefer dogs, myself


But what about the rabbit?


great piece of commentary on the rather schismatic tendency of the church denominations to both split on issues but also complicate them so they become useless. I find it rather enlightning and comedic, the two things I love to practice.


my ecclesicats yawn and go back to sleep on their towels.

Pisco Sours

*dies laughing*

Jared Cramer

Hilarious. One of my seminary professors at a Churches of Christ seminary had this addition:

And, Churches of Christ would argue that sense this cat sat on the mat, all cats must do so and that the mat not only can't be a pillow but can only be the sort of mat that makes no noise (no squeaker inside) because if God had meant the cat to squeak while sitting, He would have said so.


Not only funny, but way too true!

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