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The Lost Ben

Always the republicans. Its always the republicans isn't it? I didn't join the republican party because they were theologically sound. I know someone who thinks that republicans are Biblical, but that's not me. I'm disgusted with my party and with those who look to it as being Godly!


I see a cautionary tale about the dangers of tying one's theology to a particular political ideology. When it becomes obvious that the ideology does not mesh with Christianity -- no ideology ever can -- there's only one way to repudiate the alliance: Demonize the politicians.

The Republicans' cynical courting of evangelical Christians finally appears to be coming full circle.

But undergirding that, yes, is a theology of pride, works, and fear.

Kevin Bussey

I don't get it. Republicans, Democrats, Whigs, Libertarians, etc... None of them will keep Jesus from coming back.


I think the extent of human achievement was shown when we crucified Him. If we're holding Christ back, he'll never come.

[rhymes with kerouac]

Annie said exactly what I've been thinking, too.

It all just feels so very... strange... out there.


That is some weird theology that we can bring Christ back or hold him back from finishing what he is doing with humanity...funny. I don't think a single human can control the power of God or determine it's timing...not me, not a prayer group, and not a whole denomination...God is not subject to our beliefs. I have heard this teachings before and I thought it was terribly mis-guided then and still think it is mis-guided. Why focus on the end of time anyways...stay awake by caring about those in need around us.


I see insanity. And gullibility in those who will sit in a service and "amen" this kind of junk theology.


Has the world gone mad? Lord, Jesus, Come! Come anytime you want! We trust both You and Your Wise Judgment! (...first time to your blog...nice :)


All I can say is that there is a strange wind blowing everywhere.

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