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Left Coast Lee

I'm not a blogger so don't know how to do it technically. I would simply add a comment at the bottom of the writing that I am grateful to ____ (fill in the blank) for many of the words and ideas above. That would probably be enough to get you off a plagerism rap. Withoout something like that you're apt to put yourself into a position of being sued. Kiefer may in fact give implicit permission to be quoted as so very many people do with little or no acknowledgement but I myself wouldn't want to chance it, so says the onetime advanced expository writing prof.


I am not sure how to do that. When I post the entirety of someone's work, or the exact words, I do give them credit. This, however, is indeed an excerpt of a much longer item from James Kiefer, condensed, rewritten and mixed with other stuff I had in a book.

I don't know how to attribute such a mishmash like that without giving footnotes and that is a lot of work for a blog, not a research paper.

Does that make sense to you?

Left Coast Lee

your credit to James Kiefer for this writing has got lost, please to fix?

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