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Phil Hoover-Chicago

Loving your blog, dude! And I think you raise some very important issues for all Christ-followers to consider.


Glad you found it helpful MiT!


ah, love the words of father nouwen


Words to LIVE by! But easier said than done. You said, "We will only be able to act according to Paul’s words by knowing with our whole beings that what we are asked to do for others is what God has done for us." And what I have found is that the only way that I can accomplish this is by praying the minute that I begin to fail in my resolve. His gift of peace has healed my wounds.


It is interesting that people want to take a literal approach to the Bible as it relates to dogma, but not when they come to passages like the one Nouwen referenced, as well as others (the Sermon on the Mount being the most notable). Then somehow the literalistic interpretation makes way to a spiritualized interpretation that concludes that one should not take those words at face value.

I, too, get tired of having to defend myself when I state that Jesus meant it when he said that peacemakers are the children of God, when he said that eye for eye, tooth for tooth is not how his followers should operate, and instead we should love our enemies and pray for our persecutors, etc., etc.

It is comforting to know that, though we may be in the minority in the church, we are not as alone as we sometimes think we are. I am beginning to discover that many people think this way, but they also got tired of defending themselves, so they just no longer speak about issues of peace, social justice, etc. around other Christians.

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