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Milton Stanley

Couldn't get trackback to work but wanted to thank you for pointing me to Dr. McEntire's post.


Salvation is an interesting question. Is my personal salvation in the next world my most important concern or should I be more interested in the service I provide to this world?


Powerful post.

Truly shows how far the church has gone. (or is gone)


Ouch. Posts like yours make me realize that I'm far from perfect. In fact, it helps me realize more and more how exceedingly sinful I am. Thanks.

By the way, I'm from the guy from the agoratulsa website blog. I'm not really sure what Gregorian and other words you used to describe your monk-ish-ness mean. Could you explain? (Well, I guess I could do some research...)

I have a question. I'm assuming you're Catholic. I'm interested to hear how you think that someone is saved.

Thanks again.


Very sad. But we have to see reality before we can do anything about it and repent, so thanks for that.


This post made me cringe. We are far off of the model that Jesus gave IMHO - the question though is how to get back 'on track' ... it can only come from spending time with Him, becoming passionate for Jesus again, and letting that spill out in our everyday lives.

be blessed


Thank you for that comment. I would like to explore your concept a bit.

How can we step out side of our culture? That is very tough to do, and I am curious as to your thoughts.


blessed are the rich, for you have, and you'll get more when you get to heaven.


The Last Two Posts are a true evaluation of how "culture" affects our view of the Gospel.

With the passing of years, I am reminded at how dimly I actually see the truth through my "cultural" lenses.

A good reason for supplementing our reading with others from outside our denomination and country. And for reading the Early Church Fathers


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