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ACK! I grovel in mortification! Of course i meant a Thurible! >>blush<<


I typically read Matins and Vespers from the Monastic Breviary published by the Order of the Holy Cross (Anglican Benedictines based in upstate NY). I'm much better at getting Matins read than Vespers; and usually but not always I light a candle. Since I'm a big incense fan but my husband isn't I don't usually do incense. ([gentle teasing]I must say - I'm impressed that you have your own personal thurifer. Most of us have to make do with a thurible. [/gentle teasing])


I've been reviewing my Rule of Prayer just recently. Usually, I do the Daily Office, but I allow for some spontanaity and variation. Sometimes I use the evening prayers in my St. Augustine's Prayer book--which has a confession that beats all! I light a candle (or three) in a darkened room (three also helps provide sufficient light to read by).


One of the things about the Daily Office that I appreciate the most is the sameness affect. The consistant form and style brings great comfort. Of course at some point, I'll have to break out of the sameness comfort, but not now. I'm still way too novice.


Hi Terry. I pray the Daily Office from the Book of Common Prayer. It seems to help to go to the same place in my home to do that.

I've not tried incense at home yet but would really like to.



I too find my Orthodox prayer rope helpful and I normally use a Benedictine daily office alongside it, but also sometimes read Celtic Daily Prayer. I usually pray in a darkened room which is illuminated by a candle which I feel helps me to focus on Christ.


Love the blog...


i used an orthodox prayer rope to help reconnect. since i've used a variety of prayer books on the office, but i've settled on using the divine hours by phyllis tickle in the fall winter and then picking up the prayers of Iona community for spring summer. not sure why i do that, but it works for me. the Iona prayerbook only has morning and evening, which seems easier for my chaotic summers, but again it would probably benefit from a more established rhythem

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