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Sorry, I'm Baptist. We're not allowed to have fun in church.

Nevertheless, recently one of the men in our church was supposed to give the prayer for the offering, which usually comes about midway through the service. Another man was supposed to give the Invocation prayer at the beginning of the service. They were sitting next to each other in the choir. When it came time for the Invocation the man who was supposed to say the prayer nudged the other and told him he was up. So that man went to pray - and prayed for the offering. When he got back to his seat he realized that he had gotten things out of order. Later, as we were about to sing the song before the offering this man goes back up to pray for the offering - except that he's supposed to pray after the song, not before. The music minister points this out to him and he returned to his seat. Finally it was time for the offertory prayer and he returned for the third time to pray.

He didn't come back to church for a month. I guess he was all prayed up.


We were visiting my parents last spring in rural central Kansas, and on Sunday we went to church with them. My three year old, a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, had taken a toy train with him to church. During one of the quiet moments, he stood up, rolled the train along the back of the pew, and said (not using his inside voice), "Peep peep, poop poop!"

We got him quieted down, but a few moments later he stood up again and yelled, "Let me out of here!"


When my son, Max, was 3 we gave him a quarter for the collection plate and told him he would be giving it to Jesus so he could use it to help other people. When our friend, Jack, passed him the plate Max looked at me and very loudly asked, "Is that Jesus?"


Most embarassing moment in church...let's see.

When I was 11, I watched a movie on Saturday night called Toy Soliders...that following Sunday morning I put my cap gun in a shoulder holster I made and put on my suit coat. I was terriffied that church was going to be taken over by terrorist.
Well, before service I got hot in my jacket and took it off. I hid my toy pistol under my jacket but my dad found it and busted my butt for it.

So that is one of many.

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