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Josh Klee

It's always good to remember those who've labored and worked for the Lord. I thank G-d for Mary and that she was a willing vessle to be used by G-d. Thanks for your thoughts. I really think they act as a bridge among those willing to listen.


That is one reason that Mary is mentioned in the creeds, to make the point that He was Incarnate from the Virgin by the agency or power of the Holy Spirit. Maybe your friend should read the defination of Chalcedon. ;)


I had an "interesting" conversation with one of our church members recently. He claimed that Jesus didn't have human blood. All of his blood came from his heavenly Father. I know, I know....this is fraught with all kinds of problems.

He said this was true because the blood that he spilled on our behalf had to have been divine blood in order to be an acceptable sacrifice for our sins.

BTW, that is NOT what Baptists teach (this man originated in the Church of the Firstborn, which is a rather wacky Pentecostal-type cultish group).

Thanks for keeping us straight.

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