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Brother Tadhg

I guess after the Mother Theresa bagel, the Virgin On A Terrapin was bound to happen.
Yours, Brother Tadhg


i suppose it's not so different from being on a walk and just feeling the presence of God or witnessing some mark of nature that evokes the spirit for a person. however, what gets me with these is how they take on an icon status with pilgrimage following suit for varied reasons.

the inspiration doesn't bother me, it's the subsequent practice that can get out of hand. i too have icons in my house & office, they are, for me, images that help to lead me into the spirit, reminding me or helping to meditate. not something i seek for healing, special favor


Now that is an idea for an interesting Post, Kevin. Clearly we don't tho science can help us a little.

Kevin Bussey

How do we know what Jesus or VM even look like?

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