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rick davis

Monk friend,

Good post; well timed.

Adam P. Newton

And the sad thing is, in my opinion, is that, out of the FIVE commandments that people do actually remember, it's probably the "Thou Shalt Not's" in the latter half. Do people really realize what Commandments 1 & 2 are about? God specifically mentioned these because of the culture/religions that were all over Canaan & Egypt. And what did Moses find when he came down from Sinai? A golden calf to represent God, because people wanted to see something physical as their God.

I look at it this way -- the Israelites themselves probably never saw the Ten Commandments in physical form after the first few days. They stayed inside the Ark of the Covenant, which was so holy that only the priests could touch it. Thus, they had to HAVE FAITH that they remained and live according to them. They didn't need to walk around seeing it posted in each campsite -- they knew them, lived by them, and taught their children about them. They didn't rely on their physical representation -- the Jews take Commandments One & Two VERY seriously (why else do they have injunctions against even writing the word "G-d"?).

Ahhhh.... The Deep South -- such a scary place sometimes....


why, why do people make such a fuss over a slab of rock? or get so suprised when there's an uproar over the 10 Commandments? that's their version of persecution. the aclu is the anti-christ. woe to us Christians because of separation of church ands state! dont' they know that things have been, and are going to get, much much worse? sheesh. everyone wants to be a martyr but dont know what that means.


sigh, will this ever end. if we must insist on some rememberance stone how bout something kingdom building like the beatitudes... i suppose it doesn't relate because it doesn't say 'blessed are the judges.' the 10 commandments are just guidelines for people living in community, not a justice system.

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